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Solar Tank

Selling Cheap Solar Tanks in Jakarta

 The tank is a container to hold several media such as water, wind, gas and oil. We also produce Solar Tanks to accommodate diesel or fuel oil. For certain needs the diesel fuel tank is produced based on capacity, following the general capacity that has been produced: 1000 Liter diesel tank, 2000 Liter diesel tank, 3000 liter solar tank, 5000 liter solar tank, 6000 liter solar tank, 8000 liters solar tank, tank 10000 liters diesel fuel, 12000 liters solar tank, 15000 liters diesel tank, 20000 liters solar tank, 24000 liters solar tank, 25000 liters solar tank, 30000 liters solar tank, 32000 liters solar tank, 35000 liters solar tank, 50000 liters solar tank. In the application of solar tanks, there is also a position in the soil which is planted or commonly called a pendam tank. This unit is suitable for Solar Genset Tanks, Industrial Solar Tanks, Buried Solar Tanks, BBM Solar Tanks etc. We serve tank unit orders for electricity companies, railway companies, gas station companies, BUMN projects and others.

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